Top 10 Ways To Mispronounce “Mandalorian”

From the Home Office (and with apologies to Dave): 10. Mandatory Lions 9. John DeLorean 8. Dora The Explorian 7. Ban midchlorians 6. Danerys Tanglorian 5. Rudy Guiliorian 4. Iron Mandalorian 3. Hydroxychlorilorian 2. Randapaulalorian And the number one way to mispronounce “Mandalorian” 1. Mandy Patinkin

Republicans Reap The Authoritarianism They Sow

“If you reduce government merely to the diffident whims of a single individual, there are few (if any) limits on the damage one can do to the existing civic order. Destroy it all, and the man yet stands,—seemingly stronger than before, since he has outlasted his own destruction.”

Just For The Record

Don’t buy it for a second. He burned the building down and wants to move on to his next arson. Never forget, wherever he slithers. #fascism #incompetent #sedition

Crimson Tide

“Trump’s ever-lengthening list of purported barbarians at the gate—blacks, immigrants, protesters, socialists, the “radical left,” Antifa—provides a ready-made list of societal enemies always ready to pounce on white Americans at a moment’s notice. The more brilliant, and devious, part of the scheme is to recognize that if white Americans are preoccupied with hating their neighbors, they are unlikely to save any concern for Trump’s relationships with more distant (though actual) monsters such as Putin, Kim, and Erdogan.”

Happy New Year!

Given crippling depression and unyielding writers’ block, I thought I’d do a pictorial year in review. 2021 awaits, teeth bared.

COVID Update

Given the amount of discussion here recently about both the Church and COVID, I feel it is important to circulate this. I agree with all of this. I was proud of the LDS Church for closing its meetings even before the States required it, and have never understood why its membership was so willing to … Continue reading COVID Update


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