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“Dear reader, I wish I could say that your quarrel is with a few dozen dead white merchants from the 18th Century, but they have been framed.”

Election Wrap and The Future

A few minutes ago, Maricopa County put the last bullet in an already dying corpse, dropping a Biden +11 batch of ballots on top of an earlier batch out of heavily Democratic Apache. Barring some unpredecented tabulation error (and a pro-Biden surprise in North Carolina next week), the result will be 306-232, to go with … Continue reading Election Wrap and The Future

Quick Note on the Election “Call”

I had the Martinelli’s out of the refrigerator yesterday at 4. We put it back and it is still there. The first thing to understand, if you don’t already, is that the delays have nothing to do with the result, which is overwhelmingly likely to net Biden Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, and Trump North … Continue reading Quick Note on the Election “Call”

Quick Note re Arizona 2 — Midnight Edition

I got a chance to do some math on Arizona. When you get into these late count situations, you have to embrace two contrary concepts: (1) the race is getting closer; (2) every time new votes are counted, the leader’s chances improve. That’s Arizona. Trump is running out of ballots.

Quick Note re Arizona

Something interesting just happened that I wanted to note for Arizona. In small Apache County, a small set of ballots was just released that broke down: Biden: 1,805(81.2%)Trump: 396 (17.8%) This is no surprise–this is an Indian reservation county that swings heavily Dem, and these are probably mail votes to boot. And it’s very little, … Continue reading Quick Note re Arizona

Thursday 8 AM Update

Pennsylvania — I really wish Philly would make a report so we can be done with it. Was hoping we’d wake up to it. Arizona — The second batch of Maricopa ballots reported before Trump cult thugs stopped the count were good for Trump but probably not good enough. Nevada — Ric Grenell is apparently … Continue reading Thursday 8 AM Update

8 PM Update

For subscribers only, lol. There are five uncalled states, if you count Arizona despite the Fox and AP calls. Here’s where we are on those: Pennsylvania – The majority-maker. Biden wins it and it’s really not that close at the end of the day. Maybe tonight depending on when Pennsylvania reports. Nevada – There’s a … Continue reading 8 PM Update

3 AM Update

States that haven’t been called: Nevada – What’s left to count is mail ballots in Las Vegas. This is Trump’s high mark there. D hold. Arizona – Relying mainly here on Fox and AP calls, though noticed that Pima came in with an effective backdrop. D pickup. Wisconsin: Milwaukee put Biden ahead. Kenosha and Green … Continue reading 3 AM Update


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