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A local podcaster, Russell Binder, sent out a call a few weeks ago for Dodger “super fans” to interview on his podcast, Claremont Speaks. Mrs. Brain suggested that I offer myself up for the discussion, and Russell was kind enough to invite me for a chat about my favorite subject—which, in fact, is not the rise of American fascism or the vast disappointment of modern Christianity, but just good old-fashioned Dodger baseball, a subject on which I have long claimed unwarranted expertise.

Claremont City Councilman Jed Leano, a superfan in his own right (though clearly an Angels ticket-splitter, which…) joined Russell and I for the discussion, which had been originally conceived as a 15-20 minute segment. I suspect that in finding three superfans, Russell discovered that time was going to be an issue. My own discussion clocked out at about an hour and a half, though Russell has kindly edited my ramblings and editorial dead ends into a tight 50-minute aural package. I have not listened to the edited version, and will have to rely on Mrs. Brain’s assurance first that I do not sound like a madman or, worse, a Giants fan, before I do. In his introduction, however, Russell was kind enough to describe me as “effortlessly entertaining,” which, if true, is likely to surprise, well, just about everybody I’ve ever met.

For those interested, here are all four links to the Claremont Superfan podcasts:


Patricia Havens

Murray Gilkeson

Steve Haskins

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3 thoughts on “Talking Baseball

  1. I listened and was smiling the whole time. You were entertaining (effortlessly!), articulate, and so smart!

  2. Steve!!! I’m super glad you were pleased with the outcome. THANK YOU for joining us, and please – PLEASE – thank your wonderful wife for suggesting you participate.

    Question to your followers – Jed and I were both brushed way back from the plate with Steve’s Dodger acumen. My thought is to feature Steve in a regular, separate, Dodger-centric podcast. Title/name suggestions strongly encouraged.

    Would you be interested?

    Steve, thanks again.


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