Election Wrap and The Future

A few minutes ago, Maricopa County put the last bullet in an already dying corpse, dropping a Biden +11 batch of ballots on top of an earlier batch out of heavily Democratic Apache. Barring some unpredecented tabulation error (and a pro-Biden surprise in North Carolina next week), the result will be 306-232, to go with a nearly 5% popular vote victory once millions of votes in California and New York are counted in the next week. Joe Biden will be President. Fascism can lose at the ballot box.

The people who claim that something might change are gaslighting themselves, per usual. Everything that happened over the last week is perfectly explainable with simple math, logic, and respect for Americans expressing their democratic will. Trump supporters believe in none of these things, so it is unsurprising they refuse to concede, but at the end of the day, as they have been fond of saying, the facts decidedly do not care about their feelings, and neither do we.

For those of you who followed our journey the last six months, I promised a long walk to November and it was that and more. There were hundreds of people who spent at least a little time here on Election Day, and while I was hoping for more of a celebration than we got, we can blame the Pennsylvania state legislature for harshing our vibe. As it turns out, Pennsylvania and Michigan would have been easy flip calls in a normal year. It was really Wisconsin that had to be counted. In any event, the drawn out nature of the count is Republicans’ fault, and their crocodile tears are insincere.

But there will be time to go over all of this. I am tired, and so are you. We made it over the line, and we need rest. So here’s what we’re going to do.

The political part of the blog is going on hiatus–perhaps to return, perhaps not. There are many things to say about the election, and the future of American politics. But rather than dumping it into an exhausted populace more relieved to have won than wanting to discuss why, I think it will provide a good ending to the book. Give me a couple months. I have always wanted to write a book–simply for the achievement of having a written a book–and I think there is one here.

To the extent there are new posts here, they likely won’t be political; they’ll be of the nature intended before Trump started gassing protesters and abusing religion for fascist purposes.

A final personal note: it was one thing when Trump was just a stupid, narcissistic, ignorant bully. It was quite another when it became clear he was going to adopt fascist, authoritarian electoral tactics, and that my old boss, among other people, would actually be willing to join him in doing so–standing literally next to him–as Trump mocked the Bible, defiled a house of God, and demonstrated his hatred and contempt for Americans. I could not stay silent. As someone with no grasp of self-promotion, advertising, or marketing, I hoped but had no reason to believe that maybe I could achieve 10,000 hits–10,000 opportunities to potentially convince someone that truth, honor, and basic competence actually do mean more than performative concern about abortion.

You will not believe this–I don’t believe it myself–but I just checked and my hit counter reads 10,001. Whether you represent 1 of those hits or 20, thank you for taking this long road with me. We won. Let’s enjoy it.

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  1. I know you started this blog to be non-political. In fact I got the distinct impression your started it to escape politics. Nevertheless, I’ve appreciated following your thoughts, especially with your background, during a time that I was convinced everyone around me was crazy. I think everyone knows the outcome of this election was less than ideal. But for now Trump’s march has been halted. I think I’ll take you up on that rest.

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