Thursday 8 AM Update

Pennsylvania — I really wish Philly would make a report so we can be done with it. Was hoping we’d wake up to it.

Arizona — The second batch of Maricopa ballots reported before Trump cult thugs stopped the count were good for Trump but probably not good enough.

Nevada — Ric Grenell is apparently going to announce a lawsuit in Nevada. Ric Grenell is the devolutionary Rudy Giuliani. If he’s involved, turn off your tv. Looks like Biden wins.

Georgia — About 60,000 ballots to count, all of them mail or absentee or some sort. Could go either way, but Democrats are optimistic and with reason to be.

North Carolina — No change.

Last note. All the nonsense about lawsuits and the stuff with Giuliani and Grenell should be ignored. None of it has the slightest shred of merit, and these people are all too stupid to bother with. Any price paid to make these people be gone is well worth paying.

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