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A few matters before we re-start our regular publishing schedule tomorrow (“Really, Steve, what does The Martian have to do with Ruth Bader Ginsburg?,” I hear you cry. And Rohan shall answer!). First, I’ve moved the email subscription box to the right, and made it easier to find. Much of the traffic is driven here from Facebook, and I would like for the platform to become self-sustaining. The other option is to friend into the dedicated Facebook page.

For those that have received multiple emails on the last couple of postings, I apologize. The phone app is doing that and I’m trying to resolve the issue (believe it or not, I write most of these on my phone).

By the way, if you only read the emails, you’re missing the footnotes, which are not usually useful but sometimes quite entertaining.

If you have a Twitter account, follow me there. I also syndicate some of the pieces on Medium, if you happen to be a subscriber there. If we can get everything right-sized, it should be this platform (or Medium) for longform, Twitter for short hits, and leave Facebook for the ignorant QAnon trolls and the wedding photos, if all goes according to plan.

Second, if you find merit to the writing–and more so, if you find the ideas being discussed important–I hope you’ll recommend to your friends, neighbors, and relatives that they subscribe. I would not do so if they own any red hats or have developed a recent and bizarre preoccupation with child sex trafficking, but I’ll make a run at convincing anyone else. At the end of the day, I would write even if it was just for myself, but every writer at some point must admit that they write to be read. There is now a body of work on this platform that I would put up against anybody else’s.

Third, the peace you and I seek will not be obtained without cost and sacrifice. The question is not whether you and I will incur cost and sacrifice–I already have and the game has advanced to the point that you will as well–but whether you will be able, as the years and decades pass, to tell the people you care about that your cost and sacrifice had purpose and made their world better.

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