Halt and Catch Fire

Between the pre-Labor Day “dog days” of August, my daughter’s wedding, and other responsibilities, I’ve been in a more introspective mood over the last month, and I think that’s reflected in the three themes of August’s pieces, of which there have been fewer.

First, there were the pieces on my daughter’s wedding.

These were (part of) my gifts to the happy couple, and an opportunity to get to know both my son-in-law–and my daughter–better than I did before. Yesterday’s “drive-up” reception has now ended the wedding cycle, but it was a blessed time in our family.

The second, most recent, theme has been my own internal musings about the intersection between faith and politics–a line that Trump and his minions have obviously obliterated. I believe that line will have to be re-established whenever the post-Trump world finally, blissfully, presents itself upon us, but it’s going to require a lot of thought and work to recreate it in such a way that a Trump-like demagogue can’t abuse it again.

Because of my LDS background, I write from that perspective, but I think the general themes are universal. I have a goal of reaching out to those of other faith perspectives to get their views on this and similar subjects.

Finally, there have been the two pieces on the more straightforward Republican hypocrisies of the day. The piece detailing Republican dog-whistling about Kamala Harris’s citizenship, and Trump’s mendacious lies about mail-in voting.

As we inexorably spin into the election season (we’re not there? Oh yeah, don’t think I don’t know), there will be far more of these third type of piece. There is a nearly endless store of content given the grifter state of the modern Republican Party. But it doesn’t hurt to take a little time to enjoy family, figure out what you believe, and get ready for what’s coming. In fact, I hope you’re doing the same.

More tomorrow (maybe).

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