Happy Weekend!

We are very grateful to our loyal readers, who keep coming back, and we continually have new readers whom we hope will stay. The site has now had over 4,000 views since we opened up on Memorial Day, and of course, we have our few intrepid e-mail readers. It turns out the combination of righteous indignation and unvarnished truth suits the times.

Due to a busy week on personal and work fronts—as well as a surplus of super content now on the site—we’ll be taking the rest of the weekend off. Hope you use the time to catch up on a piece or two you might have missed.

A reminder that you can subscribe and get an email notifying you of new pieces, although I’m told that the email version itself doesn’t include the footnotes. I paid a surprising amount of money to be able to use the footnote plug-in, but read at your convenience.

Monday we’ll be back with a guest column by Caroline Haskins discussing the parallels between the previous titleholder of worst President of the United States, 15th President James Buchanan, and the new, only comically disputed, (very) heavyweight, never to be duplicated, Babe Ruth of worst presidents, Donald Trump. The draft is great.

A final note: I’d like to write a piece on how young people are developing their political beliefs in the (waning) age of Trump. If you know anyone who might be willing to talk to me about that for a piece, please let me know.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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