Administrative Note

As some will notice, Webmaster Caroline has changed the blog face so that readers will access the full text of an essay by clicking into the page. We were concerned that given our many long essays, those that use the face page to navigate are finding (or will find) the navigation more difficult to scroll through with all the text fronted. We are hoping new readers will also have an easier time getting to older, but still relevant, pieces.

For that matter, by the way, we are hoping for new readers.

In any event, we are extremely grateful for your readership, and hope you will stay with us. Between Memorial Day and today, we are over 2,500 views, far beyond any expectation. We are entirely reliant on your word-of-mouth; we have no publicists, no network to exploit, no media presence to raise awareness. Currently, we have only the abiding (and hard-won, trust me) belief that something has gone deeply and terribly wrong with the American experiment, and we have only months to save it. After we discharge that duty, we can return to split infinitives, reality television, classic rock, baseball, and the Twilight Zone.1Actually, we may not have to wait that long to talk about The Twilight Zone. Stay tuned. As we said before (and we meant it), we’d rather discuss those things anyway.

But even if not a single person is reading here, neither will we relent. We were silent for far too long—a mistake we will not repeat in this lifetime. We will go down fighting.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions about the user experience, please let us know and we will work on it.

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