Welcome, Again

The reaction to my latest piece, “Confessions of a Surprise Left-Wing Activist,” has been gratifying. We’ve had nearly 200 unique visitors and that post alone has been opened about 350 times. It’s been a good way to reconnect with old friends, if nothing else.

As you visit the site consider a few things you can do to help:

1) Circulate it — If you like a piece, please circulate it to your friends or others you may know. The blog is public, it is meant to be part of the public discourse. I can think of few higher compliments than taking someone’s writing, giving it to another, and recommending that they take the time to read it. If you do this, I thank you in advance, and appreciate the compliment immensely.

2) Link it — If you have a platform of your own, would you consider linking to mine? I will link to yours. Maybe.

3) Notifications — Below there is a method for obtaining notification of new posts. I do not collect your information. I don’t even care who you are. But it would be great if you kept reading.

4) Social Media — The great bane of our 21st Century existence, and yet a means of communication nonetheless. Twitter and Facebook accounts will be up shortly. Please look for them and follow them.

If you have poked around the site, you have recognized that I am, at best, a reluctant 2020 warrior. I rise to it only because the moment is uniquely dangerous, and I have unique qualification to recognize and understand these dangers.

Make no mistake. The beast has been unleashed. You are experiencing the disorienting fog caused by a cult desperately trying to convince you of things you would find abhorrent in any other context. They will use all available physical, social, and psychological manipulations. This is not conspiracy theory. This is simply their methodology.

Trust yourself, find people who will help you orient to truth, and otherwise, ignore the noise.

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