Crimson Tide

“Trump’s ever-lengthening list of purported barbarians at the gate—blacks, immigrants, protesters, socialists, the “radical left,” Antifa—provides a ready-made list of societal enemies always ready to pounce on white Americans at a moment’s notice. The more brilliant, and devious, part of the scheme is to recognize that if white Americans are preoccupied with hating their neighbors, they are unlikely to save any concern for Trump’s relationships with more distant (though actual) monsters such as Putin, Kim, and Erdogan.”


Some time ago, I wrote about the experience of belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints during the era of Donald Trump. Even months ago, the circumstances were dire—a fascist political movement born of combat, infiltration, and destabilization, protected and nutured within the Church by a combination of pre-existing fringe sympathies, performative … Continue reading Impasse